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Closing an online casino: Causes and consequences

Internet activity is still a completely new area of ​​business, services, and earnings. Online casinos have become popular not so long ago, however, professionals, popular and new services, tricks, and disappointments have already appeared in this area. As in every business area, online gambling is developing. And this means that there are ups and downs. Every week, new online gambling establishments appear, and the old ones stop working.

Even the most popular casinos with a large number of players are not protected from failure. So why institutions are popular with tens of thousands of people curtail their activities? And what about the players whose site suddenly announced the termination of their activities? This is worth exploring more.

Reasons for closing online casinos

There are some of the most obvious reasons why a gambling establishment can announce its closure. The most common are the following:


Newcomers to the gambling business often believe that this activity is an endless source of income for site owners. However, professionals are well aware that not all casinos are profitable. Even the most popular site, which provides the opportunity for gambling entertainment for its customers, can go bankrupt. Firstly, there is always fierce competition in this area. Every year, new sites find it increasingly difficult to stay afloat due to the abundance of competitors who sometimes go to great lengths to get rid of other representatives in this business.

As a result, new portals begin to lure customers with huge bonuses, promotions, and the “old people” no longer attract enough attention to themselves. This includes black PR, which competitors arrange to ruin other sites. Secondly, mismanagement can play a cruel joke. The launch of a new service with a huge number of slot machines, bonuses, and offers does not mean success. This is the same business as all others. So, it requires skillful management and management skills. For the proper functioning of the site, you need a team consisting of real professionals in their field. Weakness is punished by failure.

Thirdly, a lack of advertising can lead to bankruptcy. It is this “engine of progress” that helps the casino stay in line. The owner of the institution needs to invest a lot of money in advertising in order to attract new customers and remind him in this area. It is worth noting one more common reason for bankruptcy of a casino fraud. Hundreds of hackers and swindlers every day try to attack the sites of gambling establishments in order to cash in on this business. Some sites went bankrupt precisely because they could not cope with hacker attacks. Finally, banal bad luck can play a cruel joke with the owner of an online casino. Well-known players can look at a completely new site, start playing and carry a large amount. And never come back. A similar situation may be critical for young gaming establishments.


Gambling requires caution. Fierce competition leads to the fact that large corporations absorb young operators, as a result getting rid of a competitor and acquiring another business established by other people. Then the owners have to close the casino, and the clients should be transferred to another platform. In some cases, this happens for other reasons. So, the two companies can begin cooperation to combine their efforts in customer acquisition, advertising, and management. Then they close their old portals and launch a common site. This is a good option for users since they do not lose anything.


Rebranding is a complete change in the “image” of a company. In recent years, the business has increasingly resorted to this procedure in order to attract new customers, improve its service, and change the audience’s image of it. Owners change not only the design and list of games, but they can change the site name, range of services, bonuses, and promotions. This is not always associated with the desire to change the service, sometimes a change of bosses leads to rebranding.

It is worth noting that sometimes the reasons for rebranding are not so rosy. Sometimes the operator seeks to change his site in order to avoid the consequences of fraud the owner will try to “cover the tracks” by changing the name of the institution and its design. The management should explain to users the reasons for this decision, so players can contact the support service or try to find information about the operator in the search services Google and Yandex. It’s better to know who you have to deal with.

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